Vision & Values

All of our provision is built around the following values, they shape all of our work:

The provision we provide is highly relational

Our focus is to care for individuals and nurture relationships of depth that can support young people through key life progressions. Our staff and volunteers are not behaviour managers, but act as positive role models who seek to encourage the young people we work with.SouthallLRsign

The provision we provide is inclusive

We are a faith-based organisation rooted in Christian principles, but we are not faith biased. All young people are invited to The Vibe no matter what their background.

The provision we provide takes place in safe environments

We do everything within our power to create environments where young people feel comfortable. These environments are free from any kind of violence, bullying or intimidation.

The provision we provide is sustainable

The project is here for the young people of Southall long term. Our provision is not built on fads or individual personalities. The activities we run are well planned, funded and reviewed so that we can provide the best service over a long period.