What is Onside?

The Onside Football Project is an initiative of The Vibe: Southall Youth Project. The Onside Project takes a specialist, portable football cage and trained volunteers to residential areas and community spaces in Southall. It provides supervised sports activities and a high level of coaching for young people free of charge. Cage football provides a manageable and inclusive sports activity that engages with young people who may be reluctant to attend more formal youth provision outside of their immediate area. With two-a-side games lasting two minutes each, the cage format encourages teamwork, technical football and an overall development of footwork, positioning and passing. Alongside a development of footballing ability, the project offers a positive impact in character growth through using our coaches as role models for the young people. Our sessions are always led by our Outreach Worker who is an FA trained coach and youth worker. The Onside Project provides young people from different ethnic and faith backgrounds the opportunity to engage together and build friendships while developing a healthier lifestyle. It offers constructive group activities to young people who are at risk of participating in anti-social behaviour.


It’s advisable to always check our facebook and twitter pages to get an update on where the cage will be each week.